"I was so relieved when I  got a hold of Nick & Wayne with M&M Blinds.  I had several bids  for window coverings for my home and the estimates were outrageous.  It  was a brand new home and I was desperate to get window coverings.  My  estimates ranged from $7,000.00 to $10,000.00.  I was so frustrated and  almost resigned to the fact it was going to cost me an arm and a leg.   When Nick & Wayne showed up the first thing they said is the  approximate cost would only be about $3000.00.  Depending of course what  I picked out.  The final bill was $3,100.00.  Not only did they save me  a significant amount of money but my blinds were installed within a  week.  Since then I have moved and we continue to do business together.   I wouldn't recommend any other company. Nick & Wayne you're the  BEST!"

"M & M Blinds has been our window treatment contractor for the past  three years. Nick's window treatments have been installed in our  commercial properties, our new residential construction properties and  our personal home.  The quality of his material is excellent and he has  always shown great care during his installations. I feel certain that  you will be pleased if you choose Nick and M and M Blinds for your  window treatments. "
-John, Prudential Rocky Mountain Realtors