Whether  it's retaining heat in the winter, shading the sun's rays in the  summer, or providing maximum UV blockage and sound absorption, proper  window coverings can substantially cut your energy costs and improve  comfort levels and overall décor. The result is a surprisingly early  return on investment and a refreshing new look you will enjoy for years  to come.

When choosing window coverings for a home, planning for energy  efficiency is a must. There are many window covering options that  maximize the energy efficiency of a home, while adding fashion flair  that dares at a bargain:

Cellular Shades: Superior insulation and a view from the top

  • Choose your shade. Cellular shades are available in different grades of opaqueness; from light filtering to room darkening varieties. Side rails, which completely eliminate outside light, can also be added. 
  • The more, the better.  Cellular shades come in single, double, or triple-celled shades. The  more cells you have, the better your insulation and ability to block  glare. 
  • Size does matter.  If your window is large, it's smart to choose larger cells. The larger  versions have more static air and act as a better barrier for energy  efficiency. 
  • Enjoy the view.  Another benefit of the cellular shade is that when raised, cellular  shades stack higher than most products, giving you an unobstructed view.  
  • They're easy and effective. You'll be amazed at how effective cellular shades are at conserving energy.